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Summer Sports and Mouthguards

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Summer is a beautiful season full of outdoor activities and sunshine. Both kids and adults will spend more time outdoors; what better way to enjoy the weather and stay active than taking part in competitive sports? Participating in a group sport is a great way to remain active and healthy. While you may not need all the equipment and padding you would normally wear during the other months, you will need to hang on to one item in particular; your mouthguard.

A mouth guard is a U-shaped piece of plastic that fits between the upper and lower teeth, specifically designed to protect your teeth, gums, soft tissue and surrounding bone. It is highly recommended that you wear a mouthguard when playing summer sports—it can save you a trip to the hospital. Choosing the right safety gear is critical, and a mouthguard must be worn if you want to protect your teeth (and your brain) from sports-related injuries. Keeping active during the summer months is important, but you need to ensure your physical safety and wellbeing. A mouthguard will provide you with the protection you need, so you can get your head in the game without suffering a debilitating injury due to physical contact.

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Whether you want to spend your summer skateboarding, mountain biking or playing tennis, wearing a mouthguard is vital if you want to prevent injuries to your teeth, jaw, and your brain. Your dentist in Kitchener here at Forest Hill Family Dental will help you select the right mouthguards for your needs. We will help you focus on important factors including the fit, comfort, durability, and tear resistance with a customized mouthguard designed for you. Your mouthguard should never restrict your breathing or speech, and your reputable team here at our Kitchener dentist’s office will provide professional recommendations and guidance to ensure your mouthguard is the perfect fit.

There are different kinds of mouthguards available, including:

Custom-Made Mouthguards

Athletes will require this type of mouthguard which is produced in a dental office or a professional dental laboratory. They are made specifically for an athlete, and your dentist will first make an impression of your teeth, after which they will construct a mouthguard over the model they created. This kind of mouthguard will provide you with the most comfort and best protection because they are a custom fit to the exact shape of your mouth and teeth.

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

These are pre-formed, but their shape can be altered by boiling the mouthguard in water and then biting into the warm plastic to achieve a customized fit. You will have to follow the directions carefully to ensure the best results, though this option may be slightly bulkier and less comfortable than opting for a professionally crafted mouthguard.

Stock Mouthguards

These are pre-formed and ready to wear but may not fit very well; they may feel somewhat restrictive due to the lack of custom-fitting, making both breathing and talking more difficult. 

Mouthguards can be worn by everyone, and they are highly recommended during the summer if you plan on participating in any of the following activities:

  1. Sports on Wheels

This includes skateboarding, rollerblading and biking. Your body is often travelling at high speeds, creating a significant impact during an accident. One fall can completely ruin your summer because sidewalks, roads and concrete do not make for ideal landing pads. Using a mouthguard will help protect your jaw in the event of a fall, as well as help mitigate the onset of a concussion from the impact to your head.

  1. Court Sports

Even though tennis and handball are not considered contact sports, a backhand from your partner or an unexpected bounce from a ball can cause a dental injury, which is why the use of a mouthguard is highly recommended. Many of these sports also require safety eyewear for the same reason. If you are participating in doubles, there is an added potential of accidentally running into your partner, where a mouthguard will soften the impact.

  1. Water-Based Sports

Falling in the water can result in a collision with your surfboard or water skis, which is why you should ideally wear a mouthguard to help reduce the possibility of a dental injury. This is particularly important if you already have braces or another type of orthodontic treatment that should not be submitted to physical contact.

  1. Team Sports with Potential Contact

Summer league softball, baseball and soccer include occasional contact with other players (or the ball). Cushioning your teeth against any potential impact with a mouthguard will protect you and allow you to remain in the game.

Regardless of the summer activity you are taking part in, wearing a mouthguard is a wise decisionto help you protect and maintain your beautiful smile! Shifting into summer mode is exciting, but you need to be prepared if you want to have fun throughout the season. Sports activities may sometimes lead to unforeseen accidents and damaged or concussions, but wearing a mouthguard is a good preventative measure to reduce the likelihood. Any activity that has a risk of contact can be dangerous, but a mouthguard can help prevent oral injuries. If you’re looking for dentists in Kitchener who can assist with your mouthguard requirements, our professionals will advise your best approach for a wearing mouthguard for competitive or non-competitive sports.

Protect Your Teeth As Well As Your Brain

Not only can a mouthguard protect your teeth, gums and jaw while playing summer sports, but it can also reduce the effect of a concussion by stabilizing your jaw during impact. Our dentists typically recommend replacing your mouthguard after every season because they may wear down over time and become far less effective.

A significant percentage of all sports-related injuries are maxillofacial, and dental injuries are more common than you think—it can happen in the blink of an eye, no matter how careful you are. Wearing a mouthguard may help prevent you from suffering damage to your head, and you will have more fun being fully engaged in your sport activity knowing you have the added protection. An individual is far more likely to sustain damage to their teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard, and this can sometimes result in permanent damage to oral structures, or worse, to your brain function. There is no need to take this risk, and a simple piece of equipment like a mouthguard can make a world of difference in the event of a blow to the head.

Kitchener & Waterloo Dental Professionals: Custom Mouthguards

There are different types of dental injuries, including fractures and avulsions. A root fracture, broken tooth or chipped tooth are classified as fractures, and if your entire tooth, including the root, is knocked out, it is classified as an avulsion. In this case, you would need to visit an emergency dentist right away for treatment. Time is critical when dealing with dental injuries, and you cannot wait until the end of a game to seek treatment. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent this kind of stress, and you will not often find yourself in this situation with the right safety equipment. Dental injuries are quite easy to prevent, and our Kitchener dentist recommends the use of a mouthguard in both competitive and recreational summer sports. Any form of impact, contact or collision can cause a dental injury, and a mouthguard will protect your head in these situations.

Even if you’re just practising a summer activity with your family or friends, you should still wear a mouthguard because you never know when you might fall or collide with another player, and injuries can occur during practice. Many people think mouthguards are only for competitive sports, but this is far from the truth; even recreational sports or a team practice could potentially lead to an impact that causes a dental injury.

Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard

You never know when you will experience a fall or when you may bump into another player; it feels slow when you are immersed in the moment, but these incidents can and do occur before you have time to react. Mouthguards are highly practical for preventative safety and protection so that you can maximize your athletic abilities and focus on the game. The benefits include:

  • Protection Against Fractures

An impact to the teeth or jaw can result in oral bone fractures, likely requiring surgery for repair. A mouthguard can absorb the impact and help prevent pain or broken teeth.

  • Concussion Prevention

There is always a risk of a concussion when playing contact sports, and while helmets are a must, mouthguards are equally important. A mouthguard can absorb shock while limiting the movement of the jaw, and you can participate in summer sports activities without worrying as much about a potential injury.

  • Reduces the Possibility of Having Your Teeth Knocked Out

You may experience broken teeth when playing sports, and your teeth may also be knocked out of alignment or out of your mouth altogether during athletic activities. A mouthguard can absorb this kind of impact, which will minimize the risk of mouth-related injuries due to contact.

  • Decreases the Risk of Soft Tissue and Blood Vessel Damage

When a person falls, they may bite their tongue, cheek or lip, but a properly fitted custom mouthguard can prevent this type of injury which can potentially cause permanent damage or require extensive surgery to repair.

  • Avoids Root Damage

When teeth are displaced or shifted, your roots can become injured, and this is a serious problem that can lead to further complications, such as tooth luxation, an exposed nerve, or infection. Wearing a mouthguard when you are playing a sport can help protect your roots from becoming damaged or worn down.


Do you want your family to remain active and have fun this summer? Mouthguards will help keep smiles safe and are an essential piece of equipment for everyone in your family. This is true regardless of whether you’re just having fun or competing in a more competitive contact sport.

Our dentists here at Forest Hill Family Dental will help you select the right mouthguard, and we will make sure your mouthguard does its job. We will make professional recommendations regarding the type of mouthguard that will best protect your teeth, and aim to help all of our patients maintain their smiles.

Waterloo Family Dental Team: Custom Mouthguards for Athletics

We will discuss the different types of mouthguards in comprehensive detail and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each option. They vary in terms of price and comfort, and we will answer all of your questions to help you make informed decisions. We will help you choose a mouthguard that is comfortable, tear-resistant and resilient, and we will ensure it fits your mouth properly. The appropriate mouthguard will be durable, easy to clean, and will not restrict your speech or breathing.

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Damaged teeth as a result of summer activities are very problematic, and depending on the severity of the situation, you may need extensive surgery. This can easily be prevented if you wear a mouthguard, and there is no reason why you should put your smile at risk.

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