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Top 5 Tips for Raising Kids With Good Oral Health Habits

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Good oral health habits start when a patient is very young, and making sure your children understand the importance of a healthy smile will allow them to maintain strong teeth and gums throughout their life. Raising kids with good oral health, however, is not always easy, and the following tips will help with this process:

  1. Set a good example

Children watch their parents and will notice everything they do. They enjoy copying their parents, which is why leading by example is an effective way to get your kids to brush and floss every day. Make this a family occasion and have them come to the bathroom with you and complete your oral hygiene routine as a family. 

Brush and floss together in front of a mirror and give your kids a chance to copy your techniques. If you’re doing it right, they will pick up on it right away and will develop good oral habits.

  1. Incorporate educational content

Kids love videos and books, and there is so much child-friendly content available regarding oral hygiene. This kind of content will help kids learn about the value of a healthy smile and will teach them about brushing and flossing and why they are so important. Watch videos with your child and read books together to introduce them to the importance of good oral health habits from an early age. 

  1. Make it a game and provide your child with rewards

Play one of your child’s favourite songs for two minutes long, which is the optimal brushing time. You can even throw a mini family party every night with fun songs to make it an exciting event. Create a chart, and every time your child brushes and flosses their teeth without being asked, place a sticker next to their name. Every time they reach five stickers, they can earn a reward which can be simple things like more play time, a special bedtime story or a later bedtime. 

Kids will be more motivated to follow a proper oral hygiene routine if they know they will be rewarded, and this is a hack that will work with most kids. 

  1. Use fun oral health care products

Kids will love the dental aisle in a grocery store or at your local drugstore, and you can bring them along to select fun dental products. Let them pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste, and many of them have characters and fun colours and shapes which will encourage your child to brush their teeth every day. Even toothpaste packaging contains cartoon characters, and fun products such as these will work wonders for a child!

  1. Visit a pediatric dentist

An experienced pediatric dentist will make dental visits fun for your child. They work with children specifically and understand the fear and nervousness kids tend to feel when they walk into a dental office. The condition of your child’s baby teeth will affect their permanent adult teeth, and a pediatric dentist will assess your child’s teeth and will look out for tooth decay and any other signs that may be concerning. 

A pediatric dentist will also speak to your child about the importance of a good oral hygiene routine and will provide them with advice to help them maintain a healthy smile. Pediatric dentists will prioritize the comfort of the child and know how to engage children, and will speak to them in a friendly manner. Scheduling regular visits with your pediatric dentist is a must, and this step must be incorporated into your child’s oral health routine.


Do you want your child to enjoy their dental visits? Forest Hill Family Dental welcomes young patients, and our pediatric dentists will assess your child’s teeth and provide advice regarding how they can remain strong and healthy. Our dental office accommodates patients of every age, and if you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Kitchener, you can contact us at any time to schedule an appointment! Call today:  519-578-1300.