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Am I A Candidate For Dentures?

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If you’ve recently lost a tooth, or have been living without teeth for some time, you may be wondering if dentures are a viable solution for your needs. What will determine if you’re eligible for dentures is the number of teeth you’re missing and your overall dental health. There are three different types of dentures available, and each of them has its benefits. Knowing which one is right for you can be tricky, but read through this article to learn a little more. Once you’ve finished reading, make an appointment with your dentist to get a consultation!

Partial Dentures Are The Solution For Those With A Few Missing Teeth

If you’ve experienced an injury that’s resulted in a few missing teeth, or have experienced a period of poor oral health, then partial dentures may be the solution you’re looking for. If your mouth is healthy enough to accept partial dentures than they will be crafted to fit the exact spaces in your teeth that you need. These dentures can attach firmly since they connect to the remaining teeth to secure themselves.

Full Dentures Are For Those Missing Most Or All of Their Teeth

Full dentures are the ones you’re familiar with from your grandparents nightstand. These dentures are used in cases where most or all of a patients teeth are missing, and come in three varieties. Upper, lower, and full dentures. These dentures can be problematic since they don’t have much to adhere to, but do provide the patient with the ability to eat many of the foods they had to abandon when they lost their natural teeth.

Dental Implants

This solution is available whether you’ve lost a single tooth, or all of them, and are by far the best solution available. With these dentures titanium mounting posts are placed in the jaw, providing a secure place to attach the denture, and in the case of a full set of dental implants allowing the patient to eat and speak normally. These replacements are the most natural and realistic appearing solution available, and have helped many patients return to a life of enjoying their favorite foods and smiling proudly. Dental implants come in two varieties, a permanent set that is only removed during your twice yearly check-up, and a removable set that can be popped out on a nightly basis.

If you’re still wondering if dentures are the right solution for you, then it’s time to seek a consultation with your dentist. Dentures are a great option for many patients who have lost their teeth, but only working with your practitioner will reveal which set is appropriate for you and your oral health. Pick up the phone and call Forest Hill Family Dental in Kitchener, OH to make an appointment with Dr. Xiaofeng Wang. Their team of experts have been helping patients like you discover the wonders of dentures and what they can do for them. Don’t let missing teeth make you miss out on a life of amazing culinary experiences and a smile you can be proud of, call today!