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Following Your Doctor’s Post-Implant Instructions

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If you’re looking to take the next step toward a healthier smile through implants it’s likely you’re doing your research to make sure you know exactly what to expect before, during, and after the surgery.

It’s critical to understand the various stages of the dental implant procedure because it helps you set and manage expectations. Without those expectations you could set yourself up to be ready and raring to go too quickly, be disappointed that you can’t do everything you wanted to, or even give yourself too much down time.

The post-implant placement instructions given to you by Dr. Wang are specifically tailored not just to you, but also to your unique situation. More often than not you’ll be advised to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth for a period of time, stay away from hard or sticky foods, and follow a strict oral care regime designed by the doctor.


The post-implant instructions given to you will discuss what you can eat, what to avoid, pain management, and wound care. By following these instructions you’re setting yourself up for the best scenario in terms of comfort.

Oftentimes patients that come to us with severe discomfort after implant surgery do so because they haven’t followed the after care instructions. One of the most commonly ignored points that we see is the use of pain medication. A patient will start to feel well and decide they don’t need their pain meds anymore, only to get behind on the management and suddenly need a stronger medication.


Your healing will be quick and easy when you follow the instructions you’re given. This is because each step we provide is designed to maximize your body’s ability to heal itself. So from what you eat to whether you can drink from a straw or not to how to brush and floss we give you the instructions that will allow you to be feeling well sooner rather than later.

If you don’t follow the instructions and your healing is delayed, oftentimes infection will set in because your body is stressed and more susceptible to germs.

Infection Prevention

Each of the steps above are implemented for patients because cumulatively they fight infection. An infection can wreck your implant surgery and render it worthless if it gets to the point that it spreads into your bone and surrounding tissue. This is extremely painful, costs more to treat, and then leaves a question as to whether you can actually have the implant surgery done again.

If you’re looking for a dentist who is known for performing implant surgery with a high success rate, contact us. We pride ourselves on offering implants at an affordable rate and setting clear, up front expectations for our patients based on an analysis of their situation’s uniqueness.