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How To Get Perfectly Natural Dentures

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Dentures are generally thought of as the least preferred option for replacing missing teeth. They may not look as natural as dental implants or dental bridges. However, if you can communicate clearly with your dentist about your priorities, dentures may be a viable solution. Moreover, you can even get dentures to look as natural as possible. There are some tips and strategies that can help you restore your gleaming smile with dentures. Let’s find out!

Shade-match Dentures With Existing Teeth

One way to get your new dentures to look natural is to match them in the shade with your existing natural teeth. Nothing looks worse than dentures that are a different colour than your existing teeth.

Typically, a patient replaces either the upper or lower arch of teeth with a denture. Rarely will a patient replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth. Patients can also make use of a partial denture to replace or more missing teeth.

In such cases, it becomes essential to match the shade of the denture with the remaining teeth. If the patient is getting an upper/lower/partial denture, make sure it closely matches the colour of the surrounding teeth.

A common mistake that most patients make is trying to get the whitest and brightest dentures. The issue with this approach is that while the upper/lower/partial denture appears the brightest, it does not match the natural teeth shade. Thus, making it seem unnatural and out of place.

To avoid this mistake, patients can first attempt to get their natural teeth whitened as much as possible. This way, when getting the denture, there is no mismatch in the shade. It is generally advisable to avoid getting the brightest or whitest denture.

Since most people’s upper set of teeth are lighter by one or two shades than the lower set of teeth and are generally more visible when talking or when smiling, you can consider getting upper dentures that are lighter.

The opposite is generally true if you are looking to get dentures for your lower set of teeth. Never go with a brighter denture for your lower teeth.

Denture Alignment

If you think of dentures, you may imagine artificial-look teeth because of their perfect alignment and bright shade. However, most new custom dentures have a slight tilt in their alignment to make them seem more natural.

Even people who have had braces or Invisalign to correct alignment will notice their teeth shift slightly towards their old positions. To achieve that natural look with dentures, make sure they offer a balance between aesthetics and naturalness.

Translucent Dentures

If you pay close attention to natural-looking teeth, they appear translucent. Esthetic dentures are more translucent in appearance than regular dentures and can seem more natural. They cost a bit more than traditional dentures but are worth it for the way they look.

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