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One-Visit Crowns Can Make Restoring Teeth A Breeze

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For decades there has been a standing truth, there was no way to stop in and get a crown done in just one day. If you needed a crown, it was inevitable that you were going to spend several visits getting it done, but recently the facts behind these procedures have changed. A new piece of equipment called CEREC has made it possible to make an appointment with your dentist and leave that first visit with a beautiful and permanent crown.

What Is The CEREC One-Visit Crown Procedure?
It all starts with getting a digital image taken of your teeth and uploading them into the revolutionary CEREC system. CEREC’s specialized software will analyze the image and create an artificial tooth, a crown, ideally suited to being placed seamlessly. With the special software taking account of every element of the shape of your tooth, right down to color, it will produce a crown that will look perfectly natural by sending its specifications to the CEREC Milling machine. This incredible machine makes it possible for your dentist to create a perfect crown for your tooth is just one visit.

Is There A Difference Between A CEREC Crown and A Regular One?
The major difference is the ease of having one constructed. During a traditional crown procedure, you have to have the tooth prepared, a temporary crown formed and the mold sent off to a laboratory to produce your new crown. Each visit requires that they test the temporary crown for fit and wear and make necessary modifications to the permanent crowns model before having it sent off. With the CEREC system, none of that is required, you’ll have your brand new crown in just one visit.

Will I Be Able To Get A CEREC One-Visit Crown?
Most situations where a crown is called for are compatible with the CEREC system’s procedures, but you can’t really know until you make an appointment and speak to your physician. The types of dental conditions that CEREC can solve include the following:

• Teeth that have had a root canal
• Teeth that are weak due to decay or a large filling.
• Dental Implants that need repair
• Teeth that are cracked or broken
• Teeth that serve as anchors for a bridge

If your situation fits any of the above, then it’s time to speak to your dentist about a CEREC system one-visit crown.

Every year dental technology advances, and the CEREC system is just one more indication that easy dental visits aren’t far in the future. There’s less reason every year for us to suffer from damaged or unattractive teeth when a simple solution is within reach. If you’re considering getting a crown then call your dentist, if you’re new to the Kitchener, ON area then pick up the phone and give Dr. Xiaofeng Wang a call at Forest Hill Family Dental. Along with their team of seasoned professionals they’ve been performing these procedures for their patients in the local area for years, building a reputation for painless and quick dental procedures with a family focus.