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Why Flossing Is So Essential To Your Oral Care Routine

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Many of us are guilty of not flossing daily. Brushing your teeth is extremely important, but flossing is just as important for the health of your mouth, which is why it is essential to your oral care routine. 

Flossing not only helps remove plaque but also prevents the build-up of it which can lead to tartar. The removal of plaque and food particles will help your teeth look brighter and flossing will help accomplish this. A toothbrush will not always reach every area of a tooth and certain particles cannot be seen when you look at your teeth in the mirror, which is why flossing is crucial. It will remove the plaque and food particles that your toothbrush was unable to. 

Flossing will also help you maintain healthy gums so that you don’t lose any teeth or require a root canal in the future. Many of us think that brushing our teeth is good enough and we will floss here and there, but the reality is that brushing and flossing need to be done together to ensure a healthy mouth. Brushing alone will not offer protection from gum disease and tooth loss the way that both brushing and flossing can. Those who suffer from sensitive gums that tend to bleed normally stay away from flossing because they fear it will make it worse, but flossing will improve the health of your gums, which will actually cause them to bleed a lot less. 

Gum disease is a lot more common than people think and it doesn’t just happen to older people. If you do not practice good oral hygiene, you can be at risk even at a very early age, which is why you need to get in the habit of a proper oral care routine to prevent gum disease. The first stage is gingivitis but this is treatable and flossing is a great step towards a healthier mouth, which is why it must be a part of your daily oral care routine without any exceptions. This simple step will help prevent the symptoms of gingivitis by removing plaque and if you combine it with brushing and rinsing, you will not only have a beautiful smile, but also a very healthy one for the rest of your life. 

Simply put, flossing will keep your teeth and gums healthy, help prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of gum disease through its ability to remove plaque that brushing alone leaves behind. Flossing is important for everyone at every age and Forest Hill Family Dental will confirm this fact. If you want a dentist you can trust in the Kitchener and Waterloo areas, they can help with thorough cleanings as well as dental implants, dentures and cosmetic dentistry. If you want a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime, visit Forest Hill Family Dental today!