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7 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Dental Phobia

No matter how gentle and compassionate your dentist is, your child may harbor fears about their dental appointments. Advanced numbing medicines and technology are increasingly allowing patients to relax more, but it’s always hard to convince little children; 20% of school kids reportedly get anxious about dental visits.

Forest Hill Family Dental in Kitchener has plenty of experience in diffusing children’s fears. Children visiting us are relaxed, making it easier for parents to bring them in for regular check-ups, and allowing medical assistants to perform their tasks faster. Here are our suggestions to ease matters for you.

Prepare your child

Don’t make the mistake of tricking your child into dental visits. This can make them distrust your words in the future and harbor more phobias. Tell them gently that they have an appointment to attend the way they are informed about all other doctor visits.

Listen and Explain

Listen to their concerns about the problem tooth if any and explain how the doctor can take away their pain with gentle treatments in a direct, matter of fact way. If they have no tooth pain and it’s just a regular checkup, even better. They have no reason to have any fear at all. Limit details about the procedure. Encourage them to speak to the dentist about their concerns. Professional dentists are trained to handle children in a friendly way.

Preventive Measures

On regular days, educate your child about dental hygiene. After they brush and floss, tell them how the dentist will do the same to keep their teeth sparkling clean. Most children enjoy brushing their teeth. Dental care at the dentist should be perceived in the same fun way.

Involve the dentist

Talk to your family dentist about the child’s phobias beforehand. If they are informed, they can take measures to put them at ease.

Keep them preoccupied

Carry a soundless favorite toy like a stuffed teddy that comforts them on regular days. Engage them when they are in the waiting area so they focus less on their fears and more on playtime. If you don’t have a toy, read them a book, play games (such as spotting and naming objects in the room) that won’t disturb others patients in the waiting area.

Stay calm yourself

A big reason for your child’s anxiety is your concerns rubbing off. Stay calm and collected through the visit yourself. If they are having a tantrum, talk softly to distract them without letting go of your cool. Tell them little stories or turn them towards the television if there are any around. If you are calm and composed, your child will eventually learn to do the same.

Praise profusely

Once the procedure is complete, shower your child with praises for being brave and well behaved. Encourage your doctor to do the same. Get them a new toothbrush after the visit. Your positive demeanor will make a world of difference to your little one. It builds a trusting relationship between the two of you as well as the doctor and your child.

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The key to dispelling dental phobias is to find a child-friendly dental clinic. Forest Hill Family Dental has years of experience in making dental care fun for your child. Make your next appointment with us and know more about our comprehensive services.