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What Questions Should I Ask My Hygienist?

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Being an active participant in your dental care will help you to make the most of your dental appointments. Asking questions is an important part of self-education and participating in your dental health. At Forest Hill Family Dentistry, we encourage you to be an active participant in your dental care and we welcome any questions you may have. We realize that sometimes knowing what to ask can be a challenge, so we have compiled a list of possible questions you can ask your hygienist.


Are my medications up to date in my chart?

Since dental check ups tend to be spaced out approximately every six months or so, you may have made changes to your medications since your last visit. Part of providing you with the best care possible is knowing all the factors associated with your care. Medications are a key part of this and keeping your chart updated is essential to us providing you with the highest quality of care. It only takes a quick moment to ask and make updates if needed.


What can I do to improve my oral health?

Even if you have no issues with your oral health currently, there are always ways to improve your oral health to make sure you continue to have no issues. Your hygienist knows all the most recent advancements and techniques and can provide you with valuable information to keep your oral health at an optimal level.


Is there anything I should tell my family doctor about?

Since there is a proven link between oral and overall health, some dental issues may need to be communicated to your family doctor because they could potentially be symptoms of a larger medical issue. Your hygienist can help you to determine if you need to inform your medical doctor about any dental issues.


What toothpaste should I be using?

There are differences among types of toothpastes and using the right toothpaste for your dental needs will help you maximize the efficiency of your dental routine. Since your hygienist is knowledgeable and knows about your specific dental needs, they are the perfect person to ask about this. They can make recommendations that will work specifically for you.


How do I properly floss?

Many people do not know how to floss correctly, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are not sure if you are using the right technique, ask your hygienist to show you. They can use a mirror and show you the proper flossing technique. This way, you can improve your technique and keep your teeth cleaner.


Am I brushing correctly?

Just as with flossing, sometimes our brushing techniques need to be upgraded as well. It is common to sometimes brush too hard without realizing it, or sometimes not hard enough. Knowing the proper technique and pressure will ensure that you are cleaning your teeth effectively without damaging them.


Should I be using mouthwash?

Just as certain types of toothpastes are well suited for certain dental needs, mouthwash can also help or hinder depending on your dental needs. Your hygienist will help you to determine if mouthwash is beneficial for you or not and what type would work best for you.