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Best and worst foods for your teeth

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When it comes to dental hygiene, we all try our best to brush twice a day and floss daily. For most of us, that is all we focus on when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy and clean. However, there are some steps we need to take to ensure our teeth are getting the proper care throughout the entire day. One of the easiest ways to ensure our teeth will remain healthy for a long time is to limit certain foods that are secretly harming our oral health.

This blog will outline some of the foods you should try to cut out of your diet and some of the foods you should eat more regarding their effect on your oral health.

Foods you should avoid

Citrus fruits do have their benefits; they are heavily loaded with vitamins and can help in weight loss, but the downside is that they can easily damage your teeth. Citrus is high in acidity, meaning the enamel on your teeth can slowly erode if it is exposed to enough citrus. If you are a big fan of orange juice, try to find a brand that fortifies their OJ with calcium because it will help counteract the acidity of the citrus.

Soda is one of the most harmful things you can consume in regards to your oral health. Most sodas are packed with sugar and acid which can quickly cause cavities. Even if you only drink diet soda, it is still acidic that can cause cavities and break down your enamel. On the same level, certain sports drinks are even more harmful to your teeth because of their high acidity levels. Even though sports drinks are more healthy for your body overall, they still can do a lot of damage to your teeth.

Foods you need to eat more of

Strawberries are actually one of the best foods you can eat to give your healthy teeth. When you eat food that stains your teeth, you can eat strawberries to help get rid of the stains because they contain a natural whitening element called malic acid. Leafy greens are also great for scrubbing away unwanted stains because how they interact with your teeth when you chew. When you chew a piece of spinach you will generate a lot of salivae that will clean off any sugar from your teeth.

Another thing to start doing is drink more water. Water is super beneficial for your body, but it can also help clean your teeth from any sugar or acid that was left behind from the food you previously ate. Most tap water features some fluoride, which can help clean your teeth and prevent them from eroding.

Dairy is also a great thing to incorporate more of into your diet because they are a great source of calcium. Calcium is one of the best nutrients for your teeth because they help promote strong bones and teeth!