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Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

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When our patients hear the words ‘wisdom teeth’ its not unusual for them to wince, as many of them have become convinced that there’s only one road for those who develop wisdom teeth. That road ends in a surgery where their molars get surgically removed and they come out with an embarrassing video showing them in recovery from the anesthesia that then goes viral. Okay, that last part may not happen all that often, but its part of the modern image of post wisdom tooth surgery. The question is, do patients always have to have their wisdom teeth removed?

The First Question Is: Is There Room?

The human mouth was, at some point in antiquity, designed to bear the burden of 36 or more teeth due to the reliance of our ancestors on tougher foods that required more chewing. However as time has passed these extra four teeth have become less and less necessary, and most people’s mouths simply aren’t up to holding an additional set of molars. For these patients there is no other road than having the offending teeth removed. If they happen to have room then it isn’t necessary to have them removed… if everything else is working right.

The Second Is: How Are They Positioned?

In the event that there are room for the additional teeth, the next question has to do with how they’re positioned. Wisdom teeth often don’t form properly, and rather than coming straight up they can come in at an angle that puts pressure on the other teeth. Sometimes this can be fixed with orthodontics, other times its too extreme and removal is the only option. Only a consultation with your dentist and time will reveal which of these conditions apply to you. If they’re coming in normally then there’s no reason you can’t keep your wisdom teeth.

My Wisdom Teeth Have Grown In And I’m Not In Pain

Alright! You’ve gotten these two questions answered already then, or at least you probably do. If your wisdom teeth have already come in its best to get them examined by a dentist to make sure everything is as it appears. If you have no complications and there’s no risk to your dental health by keeping then you can certainly keep your wisdom teeth. Congratulations!

Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth?

No, not everyone gets wisdom teeth. If you’re in your 30s and have never had your wisdom teeth come in, you’re almost certainly not going to have to worry about them. There are rare cases where this isn’t true, and the teeth might have to be removed still, but that isn’t likely.

If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, or lack thereof, then pick up the phone and call Dr. Xiaofeng Wang at Forest Hill Family Dental in Kitchener, ON. Their team of experts is proud to be a servant of their community and provide exceptional dental care to their family of patients. Don’t let concerns about your dental health leave you guessing, make an appointment and get a consultation today.